I’m not leaving you hanging…

It’s been a heck of a busy week.  We are all finally over being sick, Josh had a huge event at the Academy this past weekend, I began the switch to a new host for my blog, then decided against it and switched it back to wordpress.  For now, anyway.  My blog has been growing, and I’d sort of like some more capabilities on here, so I’d love to hear suggestions from those with more than just a free blog site. 

With that being said, I have a lot of great ideas to get up on here.  Some of these idea’s include more meal plans, a few new recipe’s I’ve tried, swimsuit season diet tips/meal plans, toddler meal plans which will also include gluten free eating, and more crock pot freezer meals.  I am also still trying to get infant/toddler lesson plans together.  This is probably my most requested, yet I sort of just do my own thing and don’t always have an exact “plan.”

Everything else is going great, both business have been booming, the kids are happy and healthy, and we are already planning the boys 1st birthday!  I’ll have THREE toddlers in just a few short weeks.  Yikes.  Time for more babies!