DIY Individual Smoothie Packs

Aeriella began a new season of gymnastics this week. Since she is now in the older class, we have to have her there by 9am. This will make for a quick, on the go breakfast, especially since she normally doesn’t wake up until 8:30. Obviously, my first “go-to” choice for a quick breakfast that will fuel her enough for gymnastics, but not sit heavily in her stomach is a smoothie. Sometimes it’s so time consuming to get out all the different things I need to make a smoothie. The different fruits/veggies (washed and cut) that I’m going to use, ice to make it thicker, nut butter, milk, other additives such as flax or wheat germ. Then blending it up, and putting away all the things I got out to put in it. It could take as long as whipping up a few eggs and sausage. This momma’s busy, I’ve gotta save some time.

Then I got to thinking, why can’t I pre-freeze my smoothie ingredients the same way I do my freezer meals? Hmm.

So this is what I did…


I didn’t really do any specific measurements, just filled ziplock bags with various ingredients. Do you notice a common theme? They ALL contain a green veggie! Spinach and Kale are my favorite’s to use in smoothies. You can use a whole handful and it doesn’t interfere with the sweetness of the fruit. Another added bonus of freezing the fruits/veggies ahead of time is since they are frozen, I won’t have to use any ice cubes to thicken it, which also won’t water it down. All I really have to do is add milk and blend. I will probably add some nut butter and flaxseed most of the time for her. Or for me, I’ll throw in some protein powder. But still, so much easier, with a lot less prep/clean up.

This morning I grabbed a berry/kale blend, added almond milk, cottage cheese and flaxseed. Aerie loved it, especially since it was purple from the blackberries and blueberries. Purple is her favorite color, so she kept saying “My smoothie is purple, Momma. I like it!” Made her happy. She even asked for another one when we got home from gymnastics.

Speaking of gymnastics, she bumped up to the 2.5 year old class this season. She’s a few months away from being 2 ½, but her teacher last season said she’d be better suited in the bigger class. She did really well, and she definitely is quite a little athlete. I was amazed at how well she rocked the balance beams this time since they add more obstacles to them in the older class. She has no fear of jumping off really high things, and does surprisingly well at landing on her feet. Of course she rocked the trampoline, too. She LOVES to jump. I was really proud that she listened and stayed right on the big X in the middle of the trampoline instead of bouncing all over the place. I love watching how coordinated she is in things such as jumping jacks, kangaroo jumps, and things like that. I was a little worried about the older class, but she did great. We still have to work on waiting patiently for her turn, but she will get it.

Okay, so get to those freezer bags of smoothies. Add all your favorite things. Make sure to wash your fruit if you are using fresh fruit (which I recommend). You can also buy frozen fruit, but it may have added sugar, it will also cost more money, and not taste as good as just freezing fresh fruit.

Next week when I buy more of a variety of fruit, I will post a blog on some of my favorite smoothie recipe’s. You know, with fun things like pineapples and coconuts and stuff. Stay tuned!

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