Handprint Ornaments, Year 2!

Last year we had so much fun doing these Santa Handprint Ornaments. We made some for our tree, and also gave them out as gifts to the grandparents and my aunt and uncle. Everyone loved them.

I definitely wanted to do some more this year, but was looking for a different design for them. It worked out perfectly because Josh’s mom and my grandma were planning to visit, so I figured we could do them with the Grandma’s.


I thought a reindeer theme would be super cute, so we made our salt dough handprints, following the same recipe as last year. Then we painted! Now, I’m not too craft savvy. I took the advice of an employee at Joann Fabrics as to what glue to use to glue on the eyes and nose. She suggested gorilla glue. Unfortunately, that didn’t keep the cute little red pom-poms I had in place, so I had to resort to using paint for the nose. Bummer.


All in all, I liked last year’s Santa ones much better, but it was still fun to make! And luckily they were all dried and ready for the Grandma’s to take home with them when they left for the weekend. I can’t wait to do them again next year!