Paleo Thin Mints (Just like the Girl Scout Cookies)- And no, it’s not April Fools!

It’s a rare Thursday night. I took all three kids shopping all day. We went to the mall, Toys R Us, and the grocery store. We had a blast! When I got home, it was a scramble to get everyone fed and in their jammies. As I was cleaning up the boys from dinner, Aerie asked me if she could go to bed. It was only 7:00. She’s usually up until 10:30-11:00. She has been under the weather though, so it’s not completely unusual. Still, I’m missing my cuddle time with her that we usually have after the boys go to bed. We cuddle up and talk about the day. She tells me her favorite parts of the day, and what she wants to do the next day. She usually makes me get out of bed and do some ballet moves with her. We pliĆ© and sashay for a while, then cuddle up again and chat until Josh gets home. Then we hide from him under the covers, and she giggles hysterically as Josh is trying to “find” us. She’s such a sweet little thing.

Anyway, it’s now 8:30pm and I’m at the beginning of my husband-less weekend and all three kids are in bed. That NEVER happens. So I’m sitting here texting a good friend, eating dinner, and surfing the web for Paleo recipes. I live a wild and crazy life, I know!

While surfing the web, I came across this recipe, and it’s too good to be true! I was going to wait to blog about this until I actually made them, but I’m in the beginning of a 21 day sugar detox. If it wasn’t for this sugar detox, I would have already packed up all three kids, hopped in the car, and went back to the grocery store just for some mint extract. Everything else is already in my pantry. But with information this good, I just couldn’t hold out on you all.

Oh, and before anyone gets offended, I’m NOT saying you shouldn’t support the Girl Scouts. They rock! Buy up their cookies and give them away. Send some to the troops. Donate some to a food bank. It’s like two good deeds in one. But then go make yourself some guilt free, yummy, good for your (body and) tummy Paleo style Thin Mints.

Hurry. Go check out the recipe on the Fed & Fit website (cool name!), and get to baking!

Have I mentioned, I’m excited?!! Now go make some, and tell me how good they are!!