Shapes, Colors & Butterflies!

Today’s craft was fun. Aeriella loves butterflies, and has these butterfly wings that she loves to wear with her princess dresses. I decided to cut the shape of a big butterfly out of paper, then I used various colors of construction paper and cut them into small shapes. Even though Aerie has known her colors for a while now, I still used it is an opportunity for her to divide the colors into individual muffin tins just to pass some more time. You can also sort them by shape if that’s what you are working on.

Next, she dabbled dots of glue all over the butterfly cut out. Then she attached the tiny shapes of colored construction paper all over the butterfly. After she started, she decided she wanted to also draw pictures on the individual colored pieces, and even called her daddy over to draw some things. She thinks Josh makes the best princess castles, waves and diamonds. She handled drawing pictures of TV’s, remotes, and airplanes. I love her imagination.