My inspiration for starting this blog came from one of my former clients. After I had my daughter, so many other mothers complimented me, saying I made it look so easy. After I found out I was having twins with my 2nd pregnancy, this same client said “Now if you still make it look so easy with the twins, you will forever be my inspiration.” She also told me I should start a blog. So here I am.

Most of you reading this already know me, but my hopes are that this blog branches out to others who may not know me.

I am a mother of an almost 2-year-old daughter and newborn twins. For the sake of not having to update my “About” page every month, my daughter was born in October 2010, and the twins were born in April 2012. I am a stay at home, “working” mom, if that makes any sense. My husband and I own two businesses, Ryer Martial Arts Academy and CrossFit Shadyside. One of the best things is when I do go in to our business to teach, I can bring the kids with me.

I never thought I would want to be a stay at home mother. In addition to my experience in the health and fitness field, I am also a Registered Dental Hygienist. Before having my daughter, I was certain that I would work part-time in the dental field. The reason I chose to go to school for dental hygiene, other than the fact that I’m obsessed with teeth, is that you can basically make your own schedule and make good money. It’s crazy how my thoughts changed after she was born. Luckily, we are in the position that I can stay home and raise my kids during this impressionable stage in their lives. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I am so incredibly blessed with having the most amazing man who has ever stepped foot on this planet as my husband. He is beyond sweet, hard-working, and always makes sure I am completely happy. He is also the perfect father, and such an amazing role model.

That’s “About Me” in a nutshell. Now read on to see how I manage being a mother of 3 beautiful children, just how obsessed with health and fitness I am, and if you can take anything from my experience. I can’t promise that I will “make it look easy,” but I will at least keep you entertained along the way!

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