Fall Fun Craftiness

I’ve been slacking on my blog lately. We’ve been busy with buying and moving into our new house, which is amazing by the way, but we haven’t been too busy to stop and play in some paint every once in a while!

The Grandma’s planned to come visit a few weeks after we got settled into our new house. Josh’s mom volunteered to paint the kids rooms for us, because, you know, painting is not my thing. I struggled with finding the perfect colors, but finally decided. They look wonderful, and Aeriella finally has her beautiful purple bedroom that she’s been talking about for months.

In all the excitement, I wanted to make some cute, fall gifts for the Grandma’s. I saw a similar idea on Pinterest, but decided to break out the paint and canvas instead of using construction paper.

Materials Used:
Red, Green and Brown nontoxic paint
Three cute kids arms, hands, and little fingerprints


You can be as clean or as messy with this as you’d like. I chose messy. One kid at a time, I lathered up their hand and forearm with brown paint, and pressed it into the canvas to look like a tree trunk and branches. I also pulled out a long area of our paper roll and let them play with paint on it while I was attending to one kid at a time. They made a mess, but it was all washable.

Once that was done, and they were bored with playing in the paint, I threw everyone in the bath and let the paint dry. Once it dried, I let Aeriella use green paint and to make the trees. Once that dried, I put the boys in their high chairs, kept dipping their fingers in red paint, and let them make apples on the tree with their fingerprints. Aerie also did this from the kitchen table. They each had their own tree.



Sure, they’re messy, and far from perfect. That’s not the point. We worked motor skills, got creative, reviewed colors with the boys, and made something fun for their grandmother’s to display with the other artwork we’ve done. Overall, a messy success!