What a difference a year makes.

Wow, what a difference a year makes. It’s easy to get caught up on not seeing changes every single day, but this comparison puts things in perspective.


Pregnancy is never “easy on the body.” While I was pleasantly surprised how fast I was able to bounce back after having Aerie (with a healthy diet and exercise, of course), I knew it would be a much different journey after the twins.

Besides the obvious of gaining more weight, having a much larger belly, and just the extra wear and tear it puts your body through, I was also faced with the quick reality of having two infants at once, plus a busy toddler to take care of during the day (and don’t forget those sleepless nights.) I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to get into a good groove. I didn’t have as much free time to prep and plan meals. I was exhausted during my workouts. Lucky for me, the twins started sleeping pretty good through the night at about 3 ½ months, so at least I had some extra sleep.

But, when it all came down to it, I knew that excuses would get me nowhere. Of course I was tired. Of course I had less time to prep and plan meals, let alone actually eat. I decided enough was enough, I put on my big girl pants (determined to shrink out of them 🙂 ), and was on a mission to get my body back. After having twins and all. Heck, after having 3 kids in 17 months.


The bottom line is, YES, your body DOES change after pregnancy. For most women, it’s not as easy to bounce back. But it is possible. Yes, it takes work. But it’s worth it. Nothing feels better than being able to throw on any outfit and know that you will be comfortable in it. And nothing feels better than being able to carry all three of your kids all over the place, keep up with them, and just be everywhere at one time without feeling out of breath and overwhelmed. Nothing feels better than feeling STRONG, and knowing you worked hard to accomplish yet another hard task.

Get out there and make it happen. It is possible. And remember, if you have ANY questions, ask me. It’s my mission to help other moms feel comfortable in their own skin.

Now get out there and conquer the world! Or at least your own little world. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to smile and pat yourself on the back every once in a while. Because, lets face it, you are amazing! 🙂


One thought on “What a difference a year makes.

  1. Hey girl! I just saw your blog link on fb and read this… How awesome (and inspiring) are you?! After Ty I never really figured out how to get back to pre-baby or -dare I say- better than pre-baby. Now after Cameron, I refuse to go through one more pregnancy and not be 100% healthier because, let’s face it these boys are draining. Thanks for the motivation! 🙂

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