Family Fun and Baseball Games

I absolutely love family time. None of our family lives close to us, so it is always a blast when they visit. My Grandma, Aunt Kelly and Uncle Greg came for a few days and we jam packed a lot of fun into a couple days.

First, we had a birthday reenactment for the boys. My aunt and uncle were unable to come up for their actual birthday party, so we celebrated with some dragon cupcakes, and had fun watching them dig right in, just the same as they did their birthday cakes. Aeriella also got a special princess cupcake made just for her. My Grandma had them made from the same woman who did Josh and my wedding cake. They were quite delicious!

Aeriella and the boys took many walks around our neighborhood with my Grandma, Aunt and Uncle. Aerie found “pirate treasures” and introduced my family to all the neighborhood dogs, especially her favorite dog “Meatball.” She has a blast around other people. My little darling isn’t shy at all.

Of course the boys were their normal, crazy, happy selves and entertained everyone with their curiosity.

And it wouldn’t be a visit without hitting up a Pirate’s baseball game. We even took Aerie with us this time. We got a sitter for the boys and the rest of us headed out for a quick dinner and to catch the game. It was raining all day, and even during dinner, but cleared up for the game. My Grandma is a huge sports lover (as is my Uncle Greg), and my Grandma was in her glory showing Aerie around the ballpark. Aerie even got her first taste of cotton candy, and of course, loved it. She sat still the entire time, and loved watching the game. She was especially fascinated with the mascot, and learned the “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” song, which she has been singing ever since. It was a great experience for her to share that time with my Grandma (her GG).


We were sad to see them leave, but can’t wait for their next visit!



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