Pinterest Fun

I saw this activity on Pinterest and immediately knew Aerie would love it. The best part is it’s super easy, and of course I had everything I needed already on hand.

All you need is baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, something to put the liquid in (I used an old muffin tin),a dish, and a dropper/syringe of some sort.

Start by covering the entire bottom of your dish with baking soda. Divide up some vinegar and add different colored food coloring to each dish of vinegar. Use syringe or dropper to suck up your vinegar/food color combination and squeeze it into the baking soda. Watch it “erupt.” The reaction of the vinegar when it meets the baking soda causes it to fizz up. The different colors just make it cooler to look at!

Okay, so they aren’t huge explosions, but they entertained Aerie for a long time. She loved it!





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