Double Dragons- A Reflection on Rockson & Gage’s First Year


So, you’re a parent of multiples, eh? Why, yes. Yes I am. I can’t believe my Baby Dragons are one year old. They aren’t babies anymore. This past year wrote a whole new chapter in my journey of life, and really was the beginning of discovering a whole new amazing path that our family will walk through. We have gone from a family of just Josh and me to a family of five in less than two years. It’s still unbelievable to me. I don’t know what concept is harder to grasp- simply how fast time flies, or how monumental it is to become a parent.




This past year was nothing short of amazing. In every way. And before you stressed out parents out there get all guarded and are ready to jump on me because you think I’m going to say how easy it was for me, take a deep breath and calm the eff down (in the nicest way possible, of course). It’s hard. Amazing doesn’t always mean easy. Amazing, in most cases, results from a series of difficult, life-changing events. Amazing is many, many sleepless nights of not one, but two babies crying. Two babies needing to eat, two babies needing diapers changed. Two babies just needing… you! As a parent, you are learning them. You’re learning what their cries mean. You’re learning their temperament. You’re learning what they need. You’re learning to be a parent to newborns all over again. And in the background, you’re searching the internet and reading all the articles you can to stay up to date on everything possible that can keep your children safe, healthy, comfortable, and happy. You’re scouring each ingredient on baby shampoo bottles to make sure they don’t have cancer causing agents. You’re searching for ways to sanitize your entire house using household, natural ingredients. You’re searching to see if that little sniffle your little one just had is the start of some serious life-long medical condition. Haha. Yes, really. You are. You’re searching for all the right answers on how to be the perfect parent.

The reality is, there is no “perfect.” We all know that. There’s no point in even hashing out all of that. We just have to dig deep within ourselves to be the best we can be. The best US that we can be. Not how you compare to the mom next door, or the “perfect” mom in an online forum. How you compare to YOU, and pulling out that honesty card that makes you really consider “Am I REALLY doing the best I can?” “What can I do better?” and most importantly “How can I achieve that?”

This past year has taught me so much. I’ve learned that worrying never goes away. I’ve learned that messy floors and dirty hair don’t matter. I’ve had the opportunity to stay home with my kids and really watch them grow. I’ve gotten to see all their firsts. I’ve had the opportunity to be the number one role model/teacher in their learning and development. I am so grateful for that.

I’ve also watched my family grow as a whole. I’ve watched as Josh and my relationship has grown even stronger. I’ve watched Aeriella blossom into such a wonderful little girl and caring and sweet big sister. I’ve watched her try to take on the “teacher” role in showing them things and trying to teach them the way she sees me doing. I’ve watched the boys go from tiny little munchkins to dexterous, active boys. I’ve watched them examine things and play with them as they figure them out. I’ve watched closely to see those “ah-ha!” moments where their face lights up as they figure something out. I’ve watched their personalities become. I’ve watched them as they started to really interact with each other and with Aeriella. I’ve watched them laugh. And smile. And laugh. And smile.



So, how bad was it? That’s one of the first things expecting parents of multiples ask me. And my response is always “It’s not nearly as hard as everyone told me it would be.” And that’s my honest answer. Sure, it wasn’t easy. Do you really expect it to be? But every step of the way has been nothing short of amazing. I think success in any situation is really derived from your attitude towards the situation. You’re tired, you’re cranky. You haven’t showered in days and your full coffee cup is now cold. You have spit up all over you and now someone is blowing the horn outside and woke up your finally sleeping baby. Of course you’re angry! It’s okay. Take a deep breath, calm yourself down as you walk upstairs to get your baby, and greet your baby with open arms and a warm smile. Cuddle them and make them feel secure. Besides, they don’t know any better. And they won’t always just need you. Embrace it as best as you can. Make the best of the situation. They really do feed off your energy. I truly believe that. In order to control the situation, you must first control yourself. And yes, I learned that from my husband. He is a smart, smart man. 🙂

With one year behind me, I can only look back and honestly say that I wouldn’t change it for the world. Not one thing. Rockson and Gage are such happy, sweet, beautiful and “easy” little boys. They are always smiling and laughing. They’re great eaters and will eat anything you put in front of them. If I would have to pick a favorite food for them, I would say bananas. They love responding to daddy’s “calling” aka his whistle he has for them. When they hear it, they get all excited, sound like they’re panting as they giggle and get to him as fast as they can. It’s the cutest thing, ever!

Rockson is my little “Lover Boy.” He absolutely loves to cuddle and give kisses. He is also a thinker. He examines things for a long time, and sits patiently until he figures out how it works. He used to be my more “needy” boy until he became mobile. That newfound freedom brought along a lot of independence, and he loves to just play on his own or with Gage and Aeriella.


Gage is my little “Wild Child.” He’s reckless and unpredictable. He’s a go-getter and has no time to sit and examine things. He picks it up and goes right for it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. He has the most incredible laugh I have ever heard. I just love all the little quirky things he does, like bounce on his knees all through the house. He is also very independent, and loves to explore on his own.


They LOVE being together. They learned from an early age that two minds work better than one. They are constantly together, trying to figure things out. I love watching their minds work together. I love how Gage will just grab something out of Rockson’s hand and try to “get the job done” quicker. I love how Rockson will sit and wait patiently while Gage rummages through things as fast as he can, and when Gage gets sick of figuring it out, Rockson resumes his “project.” It’s amazing, it truly is.





Twins. Ah, I still can’t believe they’re mine! I must say, I am so excited for this next year. I love how they are starting to communicate more. I can’t wait until all three are talking and communicating amongst each other. I can’t wait until all three are up in the middle of the night and sneak down on their own to jump in bed with Josh and me. I love these moments. I love being a mom. I love being a mom of multiples.

Oh, and did I mention… What a great year it was to have twins… The Year of the Dragon. Pretty cool. They were born in April, which is also Josh’s birthday month, and the “diamond” birthstone (symbolic to our family & business), and they were born on the 16th, which is Josh’s lucky number. Even without all that superstitious stuff, I’d say we’re pretty lucky, indeed.

Happy First Year, Rockson and Gage! I am so happy and blessed to be your mom!


One thought on “Double Dragons- A Reflection on Rockson & Gage’s First Year

  1. Dear Kristy,
    It was wonderful to read what you wrote. I will continue to “tune in” for upcoming installments. What a great idea to chronicle your experiences this way. Miss you all.

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