Adding Color & Fun to Your Kids Noodles


A fellow twin mom friend of mine added some color to her twins noodles. I figured; why not give it a try! It works with pretty much any noodle, I would imagine. Just add food coloring to your water as you boil and voila. Nothing wrong with adding a little bit of color to make their food more fun!

I tossed the noodles in olive oil and topped with shredded mozzarella cheese. They loved it, as you can see!


Bekki (the mom who shared this with me) has a great blog that you should definitely check out. Especially if you love getting messy with your kids. She’s got some great ideas, such as edible finger paint, as well as pictures from an amazing first birthday bash she threw for her girls using the Thing 1 & Thing 2 theme.

I love hearing and seeing new ways to make food fun for kids. Please share your ideas!

Tonight, I’m trying a bedtime snack of homemade strawberry/greek yogurt popsicles dipped in chocolate. I’m attempting to make that chocolate “magic shell” paleo, so we’ll see if it works. If not, it will just be a big, sloppy, yummy mess. As long as I’ve got the boys cleaned up and in bed before Aerie’s and my weekly ‘Dance Moms’ date, we’re good. I guess I’ll start snack time early! Stay tuned!


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