Creativity, Observation, and Discovery- Motor Skills at it’s Finest

It’s been absolutely beautiful outside! I decided to take today’s messy painting exploration outside. The boys had a blast out in the sun, and this activity was so much fun for them. Not your average painting, but adding other aspects to it to really work those motor skills.

What you will need: Washable, nontoxic paint, construction paper, an old, round canister with a lid (I used an old oatmeal can that I’ve had forever and use for a lot of different activities), balls, and something to put the paint in (I used an old muffin tin).


The idea of this activity is to put the construction paper inside the canister so it sort of “lines” it, dip the balls in paint, and put them in the canister, put the lid on, and shake it up. Before I broke out the paint, I let the boys just play with the canister. They love to take the lid off and try to put it back on. Then, I added the balls and let them just put the balls in and take them out. Then, I added the fun part. PAINT! I showed them how to dip the balls in paint first, then put them in the canister. They picked it up quickly, and of course wanted to eat the paint quite a few times. They loved taking turns putting the balls in, shaking it up, and drumming on the canister. They are little musicians.

I considered having two canisters for them to each have one, but I really wanted them to work together and learn to share. They are at the age where sometimes they grab each others toys and get upset. I try to encourage them to play together nicely, and I was happy to see them actually doing it with this activity. Plus, I just LOVE to see their teamwork. I think they really do learn things from simply watching each other.

They were so into this activity that I couldn’t even get them to look at me to take a picture. Oh well, it was so much fun. We played outside doing this for about an hour.

Here’s our finished product! Shelby, a fellow twin mom and friend, shared a picture of how she put some of her little one’s artwork in frames and will switch them out as they make new artwork. I’ve done canvases, but I think I’m going to pick up some frames and do the same. Besides, we need more fun artwork in our house. Thanks for the tip, Shelby!


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