Princess Stool

Aerie’s princess stool took its final stand on Friday. She was so upset. She carries that thing around with her everywhere. It’s like her little partner-in-crime, as it gives her a boost to get into almost anything.

Two of the legs and most of the base that holds them in place broke off. She was crying hysterically and we thought she hurt herself pretty bad by falling off it. She was just more worried about the stool, so when I picked her up to make sure she was okay, all she did was sob and say “My Princess Stool….” Poor little girl! Anyway, Josh told her he would take it to the Academy the next morning and fix it.

On Saturday morning, Josh left early to go teach classes. When Aerie woke up, the first thing she said was “Daddy’s at the dojo, he’s fixing my princess stool. I’m so excited for Daddy to get home.” Later that afternoon, I was taking some trash out to the garage and I saw her poor stool in the garbage can. Needless to say, as soon as Josh got home, Aerie comes running and says “Yay, Daddy’s home! Did you fix my princess stool?” Josh promised her we would go shopping after our family afternoon of Easter Egg hunting and farm visiting.

We had a fantastic afternoon out and about, and after we left the farm, all three kids fell asleep in the car on our drive home. Next thing we know, Aerie yells “Daddy, there’s the store. We’re gonna go get a new princess stool.” That girl doesn’t miss a thing. So we hurried off the exit and into Target we went.

Of course they didn’t have a specific Princess stool, but we found a basic pink one and bought foam letters that she painted and put onto her stool.



In all honesty, it’s best that her other one broke. It was by no means made for her to be standing on. It was wooden and slid all over the place. It was just the seat that went with her art desk. This new one is an actually step-stool. It’s much sturdier on the ground. She even tested it out by doing countless box jumps on it. She is complete with her new best friend and back to getting into everything. Oh, the adventures of a toddler.



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