Taste the Rainbow!

Happy Saint Patty’s Day! We are celebrating here by staying inside, doing crafts, and making fun meals/snacks in conjunction with the holiday without using food coloring.

Check out our rainbow snack. We represtented all the colors of the rainbow by using fresh fruit, and threw some clouds in there with cottage cheese.


I’ve been at a loss with new things to teach Aerie, so I took advantage of the holiday to teach her the colors of the rainbow and to work on developing patterns. Since we’re new at the patterns thing, I broke the rainbow up into two parts of three. Red, orange, yellow. Green, blue, purple. You can use food, beads, buttons, whatever you have on hand.

To make easy patterns, I used ice cube trays and beads. I put a red bead in one cube slot, an orange bead in the next, then a yellow bead in the next. She follows the pattern by repeating the order in the remaining cube slots. This was fun, and I’m going to keep doing it with her. We worked on it for about 20 minutes, and I talked her through it a lot, but she was starting to get the hang of it. Maybe starting with two colors at a time would have been best, but she picked it up pretty well. It also doesn’t necessarily have to be colors that you pattern. It could be coins, shapes, numbers, anything! Just have fun with it.


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