Sweet Potato Pizza Crust. Um, yeah…

So, I found this recipe on Pinterest for Sweet Potato Pizza Crust. It looked easy enough, and I like to add at least one new recipe a week into my menu. I figured I’d give it a try this week. Big fail. Well, sort off. Well, no, really, it was a fail.

I even followed the directions. I didn’t make any adaptations to the crust recipe. It called for cheese, and even though I don’t eat cheese too often, I used it anyway. I figured I’d try the recipe exactly how it was supposed to be made, then make changes the next time.

This is what the pizza crust looked like before I baked it.


If you have clicked the link to look at the recipe, you will see that it said to bake it 25-30 minutes, or until the outside of the crust is golden and the center is firm. I did that. I even baked it an extra 10 minutes to make sure. Then I added my toppings. I used pizza sauce from Trader Joes, and I roasted a tomato, red onion, garlic and olive oil combination, and added some chopped cauliflower, broccoli and red peppers. I didn’t add any extra cheese on top. Then I put it back in the oven for about 15 more minutes. This is what it looked like when it was finished.


I always forget that I don’t have a pizza cutter. I HAD one, but Josh threw it away because it didn’t match the kitchen. I kept it in the drawer anyway, but since it didn’t technically “match,” he threw it away. He did this with an old toaster and waffle maker, too. He’s crazy. Anyway, as I cut into it with a steak knife, I knew I wasn’t going to like it. The center was still soft. It was definitely an “eat it with your fork” type of pizza. Josh said it was good. Aerie ate it and the boys LOVED it. I didn’t really like it. I’m honestly not a big sweet potato fan anyway, plus it was mushy, which accentuated the sweetness of the sweet potato. The toppings were delicious though!

If I make this again, or if you are going to give it a try, I would suggest making your crust a little thinner than what the recipe suggests (I believe they want it to be about ½ inch thick, but I personally think that was a bit too thick). I would also maybe add a bit more almond flour, but cut down on the sweet potato. And maybe add a little more of the spices. Just a little. I honestly think it could do without the cheese, too. At first I thought they used the cheese for consistency, but I think the combination of mashed sweet potatoes, eggs and almond flour will hold it together nicely on its own.


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