Weight loss secret

As the New Year progresses, I see more and more people dropping their resolutions. I really want to shake them and tell them to stick to it and make themselves proud!! You can do it! It’s not easy, but it’s doable…and best of all…it’s so worth the hard work and sacrifice when you reach your goal.

I’ve been teaching cardio kickboxing on Monday and Wednesday nights at the Academy and classes have been packed! Even halfway through February, it’s refreshing to have to reprogram your whole routine because we don’t have enough equipment for the whole class (and we have A LOT of equipment!). Our Kickboxers are working hard and seeing results.
I know it gets hard, and working out and eating right can be very monotonous, but when you’re searching for that quick fix or big weight loss secret, remember this…
Here’s my biggest weight loss secret. There are NO secrets. Stop eating garbage and get off your butt.
Now get back to those Resolutions! You’ve got this!


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