The twins are 9 months old!

I can’t believe it. Time is going way too quickly. We just had our 9 month check up with the pediatrician and the boys are doing great. Rockson is 20lbs 9oz and 29 inches long. Gage is 20lbs and 29.75 inches long.

They are doing so much these days. They are both pulling themselves to standing, and Rockson is really taking the initiative to let go once he’s standing up and try to walk. His balance is getting better day by day. Gage hasn’t let go yet, he just likes to bounce in place. But Gage is my daredevil, while Rockson is the thinker. I have no doubt that Gage will just let go one day and be off! They are both so incredibly fun. It’s hard to believe that Aerie was already walking at this age. My house is going to be crazy fun when all three are walking around.

They both have 4 teeth- two top, two bottom. They are doing so well with eating, too. They eat more at a sitting than Aerie does. Our pediatrician was really happy with their continued growth and development, and with their eating habits, so we are able to start making the switch to adding whole milk into their diet instead of formula.

They LOVE to talk. “Da da da da” all day long. They also say “ba-ba,” “La-la,” “na-na” “hi,” “hey,” and I swear they say “bra-bra” (brother). They have both said “mama,” but only if they were crying so I’m not counting that until they say it when they’re happy 🙂

We have been working with them on identifying facial features and it is so cute when they bring their little hands up and grab your nose, mouth, or whatever you’re asking them to. I just love them to pieces.


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