How a Mom of 3 gets stuff done :)

Simultaneous Age Appropriate Activities-

Today is my day to work on crafts with my toddler. These activities are so simple and easy, so I hope I can give some of you struggling with what to do with children of different ages some insight on how to make it easy and FUN!

Who knew craft time could be so yummy? Well, I think craft time is always yummy to a toddler, because it’s inevitable that they will at least taste something you are putting in front of them. So why not actually make it edible? Brilliant.

Today’s mission… edible finger paint. Sounds hard, right? Nope. Simply add food coloring to milk. Give them food to paint and a paintbrush, and GO!

Today’s treats to paint are popcorn and marshmallows.


While she’s doing that, the boys are playing with “finger-paint” on the floor. Mess-free style! Simply add finger-paint to a ziplock bag, and tape it to the floor. Make sure you tape all sides, and make sure it is sealed shut. They love playing with it. Our babysitter actually mentioned this idea to me, and I’m glad she did!You will also see a sensory bottle in the picture. Its just water and food coloring with beads inside. It rattles, makes noise, the weight of the water shifts side to side as they move it around, and they love looking at all the colorful objects inside. It’s great for sensory and motor development. And, let’s face it, it’s fun. I saw this idea years ago in a parenting magazine.


And while they’re having fun painting and learning, momma is whipping up a yummy dinner, cleaning the kitchen, and doing some laundry. And THAT, my friends, is how you find age appropriate crafts/learning tools for each kid to do at the same time, and you have time to get tasks done yourself. This, along with some singing and dancing, gave me an hour to work on some tasks, all while engaging with the kids. No television involved. I will try to keep posting some simultaneous activities on here for you to follow if you wish. Enjoy!


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