Double Charity Event at CrossFit Shadyside/Ryer Academy

We are having a Double Charity Event on October 27th to raise money for Barbells for Boobs and PACER.

To raise money to Barbells for Boobs, we are having people make donations towards their workout.  The WOD is Grace.

We are also having a Paleo Bake Sale.  All money raised for that will be donated to PACER. 

Here’s a short promo video Mike and Dave put together…

I’m really excited for this event.  I enjoy charity work, and it’s even better when it’s tied in with something I love to do.  I’m also really excited to show the Pittsburgh community that you CAN have treats that are still healthy, taste good, and are all within the requirements of maintaining a Paleo diet.  We actually got this idea to have a bake sale during the SuperFIt DC competition, and I figured, why not run with it!  So, we’ll see.

We’re also having this event during our annual Halloween Party, that will be held upstairs for all the kids of Ryer Academy.  It’s going to be a super fun day!


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