Hello. Kristy? Where have you been?

OMG, I can’t do it. Having twins and a toddler is so hard. I sit and cry all day because everyone else is crying and I just cant manage!

Just kidding! We are all doing great. I’m just busy training, researching, and trying my best to be a kick a** mom. We are still surviving, and having a great time.

Sure, having newborn twins is hard. Who thought it wouldn’t be? Sure, there are times where everyone seems unhappy, there are (were) sleepless nights, your arms are full with babies, everyone’s diaper needs changed and the dishes need done. But you know what, you put on your big girl pants and you suck it up. I truly believe that I won’t be given more than I can handle. Not everyone is blessed with twins. Josh and I were “chosen” for a reason, so we are going about it with a big smile on our face and our best foot forward.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to mothers of multiples (or any mom struggling) is just be patient. Take a deep breath and tackle the task at hand. If you are frustrated and stressed, your baby will pick up on that and they will be just as upset. So before you go giving your baby gripe water or colic calm or whatever your friend swears by, remember that they are babies and they’re going to be fussy. It doesn’t mean they’re colicky or there is something wrong with them. Take a deep breath, smile to yourself, and do it! Give it a try and see if it makes a difference.

Honestly, I really feel like I have a good handle on everything. Everyone is managable. I still have time with Aerie to do “lesson plans” and read books (her favorite thing). It’s also worked out that I have one on one time with each kid throughout the day. I am also LOVING this stage of the boys smiling and giggling all the time. They are such happy babies.


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