Apples & Honey Festival and CDS

Josh started teaching his Anti Bully Program at the Community Day School a few weeks ago. It was an instant hit. The teachers, especially, are really empowered by what he is doing.

We went to the Apples & Honey Festival that was held to celebrate the Jewish New Year today, and I got to meet a lot of people involved with CDS. They were all completely gushing to me about how amazing Josh is, and the positive influence he is having at the school. It made me really proud that all of his hard work, focus, passion, and his good heart has really turned him into a person that so many people look up to. I know I look up to him. I heard this quote once that said “Be the kind of person that if someone talks bad on you, no one will believe them.” Josh is that person. He has such a good heart, is very considerate of those around him, he’s fun, and he inspires people to look within themselves and be a better person. Boy, are our kids lucky to have such an amazing dad!


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