ABC & 1,2,3

Aerie is so cute. She gets so excited over her alphabet and can’t wait to get to “Z” so she can scream it really loud and draw it out forever (ZEEEEEEE), and then clap for herself. Oh, it’s the little things that are so sweet.

I started teaching her the alphabet by first teaching her the individual letters. We didn’t do them in order. I have a magnetic alphabet set, so we would just randomly pick 3 letters at a time and work with them until she knew them, then move on. I was surprised how quickly she picked them up. The hardest was to get her to say “W.” She insisted it was an “M” and would turn it upside down and say “M.” We finally got it though.

After she was finished learning the letters, we started to put them in order. We’d sing the alphabet song, and I also found a few different alphabet songs on Pandora. I’d put it on and we’d dance (she loves to dance), and she’d pick up that they were saying the alphabet. She put it together really quickly. Now when she reads books she loves to point out all the letters. I thought it would be hard to differentiate between upper and lower case, but she does well.

For the longest time, she had no interest in her numbers. I tried to teach them to her before her letters but she wasn’t having it. She can identify the number, but wouldn’t put them in order. I was trying to think of creative ways, but kept falling flat until I tied it in with her jumping. She likes to get up on a box and jump off. Don’t worry, it’s only about 3 inches high. Anyway, I got her into the habit of saying “1,2,3…jump!” And also when she eats and says “I’m all done, momma!” I tell her she has to eat 5 more bites before she can get down. We’d count together until she got to 5. Once she got to 5, 6-10 came easily. Now we’ll play and do 10 jumping jacks or 10 pushups, or she’ll pick up 10 toys. She counts it out. It’s really cute.

Right now we are working on spelling her name. She knows and says her full name and it’s so cute to hear her say it. She also spells “Elmo” and “Milk.” Random, I know.

I feel like I’m running out of things to teach her. I’m going to have to consult my best friend, Kelly for more ideas. She’s a great momma and her kids are geniuses!